Marisolio Tasting Bar

This place is like heaven. Organic infused and fusion oils and vinegars in amazing varieties for affordable prices? YES, PLEASE.

Marisolio Tasting Bar is in the lovely town of Murphys, CA, which is gold rush country up in the Sierras. Having spent some time there this past weekend, I can tell you that if your Whole30 weakness is wine, you have just struck gold. There are 18 tasting rooms within walking distance of the main hotel in town, and one of them happens to be oil and vinegar rather than wine! You use small cups to smell, sip, swish, swallow – treating the samples just like fine wines.

The salespeople are friendly and helpful without being pushy or invasive, and knowledgeable about the ingredients and process involved in the production of their products. Some oils are infused, meaning after the olive pressing, the herbs/spices/fruits are added to the oil and the flavor absorbed; and some are fused, which means that the herbs/spices/fruits are cold-pressed with the olives.

Drooling yet?

Drooling yet?

The prices are very reasonable, and all their products I saw in the store were Whole30 friendly except their fresh pasta selection (have mercy). After you make you selection, they fill your bottles fresh for you and seal them at the counter right in front of your eyes.

Our first (but certainly not last) haul was conservative, even though we wanted to put the whole store in our cupboards. We purchased:

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil – This oil beat out both garlic & mushroom and rosemary oils hands down, even though those were front-runners. The flavor blend is just amazing.

Like love in a bottle.

Like love in a bottle.

Blackberry & Ginger Balsamic Vinegar – You can’t even imagine the flavor profile of this vinegar. I made a pork roast using this as the only marinade and it blew my socks off.

Fruity AND zingy!

Fruity AND zingy!

And finally Persian Lime Oil and Pomegranate & Quince Balsamic – These little bottles were on special for $10 a pair at the front counter. Totally delicious and a perfect size for a nice trial to see if you want to commit to a larger bottle. (You do)

I will leave you with one more incentive to try these amazing products: if you pick 4 large or 6 small bottles to fill a box, the shipping is free. Sorry I’m not sorry.


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