Campbell Farmer’s Market

If you’re looking for fresh produce, art, organic meats, jewelry, and a stimulating atmosphere on a Sunday morning, Campbell Farmer’s Market is the place to go. Dozens of local farmers, ranchers, and artists set up temporary shop to peddle their wares. I will do a few reviews on specific Whole30-friendly products available here that I enjoy, but for now here is a quick overview of why downtown Campbell is the Sunday brunch-time place to be.

Californians know the terms fresh, organic, and healthy unlike any other population – those very words can be used to describe the people themselves. And an overwhelming majority of people voted Campbell the Best South Bay Farmer’s Market (by readers of the San Jose Mercury News and the Wave Magazine in 2005). It is literally the best farmer’s market in the extended area. The vendors are friendly and helpful, offering super fresh products at reasonable prices. And many of the vendors offer samples to sweeten the deal! One of my favorite vendors is SpiceHound, which I have reviewed for SoBayPaleo here.

Freshness as far as the eye can see..

Freshness as far as the eye can see..

It is lined on both sides by restaurants offering unique and healthful foods at reasonable prices. Aqui Cali MexSonoma Chicken CoopLiquid Bread GastroPubBrown Chicken Brown CowThe SociaLight, and Tigelleria Organic Restaurant are just a few of the restaurants downtown Campbell has to offer.

Beyond the restaurants, there are coffeehouses galore, art houses, book stores, jewelry stores, wine shops, and more. Campbell is a relatively affluent area, and it shows in the products and businesses available year-round. If you’re looking for a quality food, wine, art, and cultural experience without the pretention, Campbell’s got you covered.


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