Paleo Wraps – Turmeric

I don’t miss tortillas, per say, but I definitely miss their potential. I miss tacos, fajitas, wraps, and rollups. Now I can have them back in a healthy, tasty, and Whole30-friendly version! These beauties are well worth the $10.99 price tag for a pack of seven, since my giant husband and I can only eat one each at a meal.

They are huge and square, offering a tantalizing amount square footage you can load with all sorts of goodies. If you are making a food with a smaller serving size such as tacos, just slice the wraps into halves or even fourths for minis! They are sturdy and flexible, with enough stretch to contain even fillings that have a high moisture content without ripping.

A word of warning: the yellowish color will stain your clothes and fingers, though, just like curry and turmeric will.

The consistency is a bit chewy, but I find it pleasant overall. The taste is sweetish and vaguely coconut-y, but the turmeric gives it a darker, more interesting flavor. They pair well with all genres of food, especially savory applications.

The best feature of these wraps are their ingredients: Coconut Meat and Coconut Water, Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil, Turmeric. No grains, no processed sugars, no dairy, no preservatives, and nothing you can’t pronounce! This lack of craptastic ingredients also means that these little beauties are shelf-stable for up to 9 months.

Order some from Julian Bakery and let me know what your favorite recipes are – they have plenty of inspiration!


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