Jones Dairy Farm All Natural Little Links

I am sure that by now everyone who has done a Whole30 knows the struggle of finding processed meat that meets clean eating standards, much less have it be tasty. I miraculously found both wrapped up in a handy little package in the freezer case at Sprout’s. The cooking method is simple. The meat is delicious. And best of all… IT’S BREAKFAST FOOD! I present to you all: Jones Dairy Farm All Natural Little Pork Sausages.

These sausages are so delicious, reminiscent of both the best kinds of dive diners and the fanciest brunch establishments. Juicy, flavorful, meaty. I mean really, I am so excited to finally find compliant breakfast meat that takes less than ten minutes to cook that I could scream! And who doesn’t get excited by a company that proudly proclaims having only 5 ingredients in their sausage?

My husband and I happened upon these treasures while idly picking up supplements to our freezer meat assortment and weekly farm box (reviews to come). A few veggies, some scallops, coconut water, and… breakfast sausage?!? Yes, my friends. I cannot oversell these little links.

Pick some up today and feel the wonder of biting into a prefect breakfast link along with the satisfaction of knowing that it is completely Whole30-friendly. Sweet breakfast contentment will be yours.

Did I mention a package of eight links is only $4.99? This is a budget blog, after all.  Enjoy!



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