Prather Ranch Meat Company

I hit up the Campbell Farmer’s Market last Sunday and took a walk past the Prather Ranch Meat Company booth as usual. I normally get a package or two of their rustic uncured bacon, but I was feeling a little cheap and boy do I love render! Since I was only planning on using the bacon in question for flavoring/fat and not as a main dish (the recommended application by Whole30), I didn’t hesitate to pick up a $10 package of Prather’s bacon ends that I had somehow glanced over in the past. And HOLY WOW.


All this from just the one package!


The marbling is so amazing on this pork. I mean, I know they call it bacon ends, but it really is much more like pork belly. No lie. This level of quality is unsurprising if you take some time to read up on their site about the farms that provide their meats. Their farms’ meats are organic, non-GMO, grass-fed,vaccine-free, dry-aged, and pretty much every other term that makes serious meat lovers very, very happy.

Prather Ranch Meat Company’s products are available at several farmers markets in the area, including: Marin Civic Center (San Rafael), Castro (San Francisco), Grand Lake (Oakland), Pleasanton, Temescal (Oakland), Downtown Danville, Downtown Campbell, and Green Valley. Plenty of options in the Bay! I also just found out that they have a Meat Shop and American Eatery in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I really don’t like traveling to the city, but gosh darn it, I’m gonna have to check that out next time I’m there.

In case you’re reading this from outside the Bay area somehow, I have good news for you. The Prather Ranch Meat Company has debuted a monthly meat CSA box where you can “choose from three different CSA options, each providing the highest quality, most sustainably raised meats available”. They deliver 10 and 20lb boxes of meat to your door one Thursday a month and you can suspend service or hand-pick a la carte meat options. There is even an all-beef box for our kosher friends.

All in all, this company is banging, and their meat is smoking. I mean you can grill, braise, bake, slow-cook, shish-kabob, fry, or poach the meat too but now all I can think about is smoked meat so I have to go.


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