Lucky Supermarkets – “Pick 5 or more for $5 each”

This is my first supermarket review for SoBay, and it long overdue. Lucky Supermarkets have a crazy good meat deal that I cannot wrap my mind around, even though I have been taking advantage of it for about six months now. “Pick 5 or more for $5 each” is a weekly special that Lucky runs about every other month. Exactly as it sounds, you can pick up some good quality cuts of meat for only $5/package (nearly half off for some), as long as you buy 5 or more packages. If I haven’t made it clear before I have a freezer obsession and I love meat, so this is like heaven for me!


You can take advantage of 8-packs of chicken thighs, nearly a pound of thin-cut chicken breast, plump and huge breast packs of up to 2 pounds, packs of pork blade steaks, 3- and 4-packs of thick New York pork chops, boneless pork shoulder country ribs up to 2 pounds, 2-packs of beef New York steaks, packages of up to a pound of well-marbled sirloin, 1-pound packs of ground beef, ground turkey, various fish such as cod, and more! Those are just my favorites, and only the tip of the iceberg.

Come to mama

There is no catch and no sales tax since it’s all fresh or frozen meat. Of course, grass-fed and organic meat is always best, but let’s be real here – I don’t have the money for that. Hence, budget blog. Sometimes you have to do the best you can, and boy howdy, is this the best deal around! They also have really decent manager’s specials on meat periodically. I have picked up the thin-sliced chicken breast for my breaded and baked chicken for $3 before, as well as the 9 oz thick lamb leg steaks from the other day for only $10/pair, which is a steal. Chicken thighs are always very affordable, but I have snagged a 2-pound pack for $3 on special there, perfect for two rounds of my chicken artichoke bake!

Outside the meat deals, I don’t have a ton of pros and cons. I haven’t bought any produce from Lucky before, since I prefer Sprouts. But Lucky Supermarkets do have a decent Asian and Hispanic food selection if you are looking for sauces or spices that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Best of all, you can self-check the 5-for-5 deal and it works without a hitch. This is a plus for me since I pretty much hate standing in line with a dozen other people. Thanks a lot for scarring me on that one, Safeway. Aren’t they the worst??

So subscribe to Lucky’s weekly special email for the location nearest you and start saving today. I swear they don’t spam you. Happy meating everyone!


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