Farm Fresh to You Produce Delivery – Review

I had a subscription with Farm Fresh to You for about six months last year. It had both its great qualities and its not so great qualities. In an effort to be as fair as possible, I will present both sides to the best of my ability in this review of one of the most popular produce delivery services in the Bay Area. To be honest, our household was a very easy sell for this service. We were home in the early afternoon of a rainy Saturday in April when a representative knocked on our door. We had been talking about signing up for a CSA already, so we were willing to give it a go right then and there.


Timeline and Background:

We started off with a biweekly Regular Mixed Fruit and Veggie box for $33.00 when we started Whole30 last May. The deliveries were okay, but we ended up getting way too much fruit (I’m not a big fruit-eater) so we switched to a Regular Veggie Only for the same price – $33. We also went from monthly to biweekly, as we were still finding ourselves making several trips to Sprouts to “beef up” our veggie inventory. We ended our service in early September.


All-in-all not a terrible price for about ten pounds of farm fresh produce delivered to your door on a monthly, bimonthly, or weekly basis. A definite pro to FFtY is the ability to switch box styles online within a week of delivery and suffer no negative consequences. You can also select the box contents each upcoming week (which I suggest) and can cancel whenever you want, as it is a month-to-month deal. There are also add-ins available such as eggs, honey, and nuts, but they can be pricey. The produce is fresh and varied for the most part, tastes good in home-cooked meals, and gives you a chance to experience vegetables different than those you would normally purchase. If you process the veggies right away and freeze them for later use (except leafy greens of course), you get the best value. One time a box went missing/not delivered, and they replaced it by midweek and another time we got a refund, which is a pro. Their customer service is friendly and prompt, and they will work with account holders to keep them subscribed and happy to the best of their ability. The service can be made even more affordable by frequent Groupons or discount codes given out online or by current account holders.


Farm Fresh to You is a large operation and not all of the produce is from the main grower Capay Farms or even local farms; there are imported items, which can be dubious. Another con is that I had multiple items “replaced” by repeated surplus produce week-to-week if they run out of what you custom order. I understand that stuff like that happens, but I don’t appreciate getting 2lbs of gypsy peppers three deliveries in a row (seriously). I also had two boxes go missing/not delivered as previously mentioned, which is pretty lame considering I only had maybe 15 deliveries total. The produce would also turn bad rather quickly, but taking the fact that it is all organic into consideration makes it not necessarily FFtY’s downfall. As a final note, we cancelled our service in September because as (a rather mild) fall descended upon the Bay, the quality of the boxes dropped considerably. Small and subpar produce became the norm, and sadly we were no longer willing to continue the subscription.


I hope this provided a balanced view of the Farm Fresh to You produce delivery in the San Francisco Bay area. All in all, I would recommend the service during the peak of summer, from April-August, if you dislike going to farmers markets or organic grocery stores. I would also recommend FFtY if you think you would enjoy the challenge of cooking with new produce and weekly surprise of the box’s contents. Otherwise, I think you’re safer sticking to local stores like Sprouts and Old Mac’s or farmer’s markets like the excellent one in Campbell.


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