Burger Bonanza!

Guys, I know it’s hard to eat out on Whole30. I can’t even imagine trying to do it with kids, my husband and friends are bad enough! But I’m here to help (finally) by rounding up a few of my favorite places to have at least a Whole30-ish meal. By that I mean the ingredients are “safe” and we arent going to trip about some preservatives or additives because we are humans and everyone needs to chill out sometimes. Since I’m rambling, I mean these restaurants have paleo offerings. Paleo. And they are better than normal fast-food fare and family-friendly. Some of these are local to the Bay Area and some aren’t, so hopefully this list is helpful and not just torturous. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

5. Custom Burger

(In case you’re wondering, I have no logo because apparently my work thinks the Custom Burger website is porn! Sounds like a good sign to me.)

Now this is kind of a strange way to top off a top five list because I’ve never eaten here. But the locals rave about it and as soon as I can tear myself away from my desk, be sure I will visit the location a few blocks from my office! I wanted to make sure and include this in the list to give a fair amount of delicious options for you all.

What I’m most looking forward to trying: Customized lamb burger of course!

4. Reeeeeeeeed Robin! (Yum)

Red Robin Logo

Yes indeedy, in case you haven’t been to Red Robin in a while, they are surprisingly accomodating to special diets. They have even incorporated a customizable allergen menu feature that is very helpful. Their lettuce-wrapped burgers are surprisingly delicious and they have several “aiolis” (aka mayo) to choose from. Their sweet potato fries are best when you ask for well-done, otherwise I find them to be a bit soggy, but their broccoli is always al-dente and on point!

Red Robin Broccoli

My favorite order: California Chicken sandwich (lettuce wrapped, no cheese of course) and bottomless broccoli (free substitution!) with garlic aioli for dippins. Also I snake a few of my husbands fries, because it’s my marital right.

3. The Counter

The Counter Logo

This place is delicious and completely customizable, which is great. It is also on the pricier side for the offerings and the location in our neighborhood gets ungodly busy, so I would recommending planning for the possibility of waiting for quite a while before getting in.

Counter Custom Burger

My favorite meal? Custom all the way, baby!

2. Habit Burger

Habit Burger Logo

Sadly, I have only had one chance to eat here since I was in the neighborhood for Atari Party but it was hella tasty! Hence why a one-time experience is number two on my list. Their lettuce wraps are delicious and they don’t mid you being “picky” with customization. Their beef has a wonderful smoky flavor and it was honestly one of my favorite burgers of all time.

My pick? Lettuce-wrapped Charburger and sweet potato fries.


SmashBurger Logo

Dear god, I love this place. It wins on simplicity, customization, friendly service, price, just all-around the best! You can get lettuce wraps galore here (just make sure to nix the cheese) and any burger can be made into a delicious (and big!) salad. Their sweet potato fries put other places to shame as well. Please go to a SmashBurger immediately if you haven’t been. Please.

My favorite order: any of the salads with chicken or beef (no cheese/sauce, sub garlic mayo). My husband is obsessed with their lettuce-wrapped avocado club burger with sweet potato fries.


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