Rendering Fat from Bacon Ends

Bacon render is pretty much the best thing ever. Everyone knows this. So if you haven’t stumbled on the miracle that is cooking everything with it, color me surprised. Continue reading


Hearty One-Pan Meaty Marinara

Who likes meat sauce you can stand a spoon up in? What about a sauce with all sorts of extra veggies waiting to enhance the flavor? The answer to both questions, respectively, is ME and YES. If you want the thickest, most flavorful, savory and hearty meat sauce you’ve ever laid your mouth on, proceed and enjoy! Continue reading

Prather Ranch Meat Company

I hit up the Campbell Farmer’s Market last Sunday and took a walk past the Prather Ranch Meat Company booth as usual. I normally get a package or two of their rustic uncured bacon, but I was feeling a little cheap and boy do I love render! Since I was only planning on using the bacon in question for flavoring/fat and not as a main dish (the recommended application by Whole30), I didn’t hesitate to pick up a $10 package of Prather’s bacon ends that I had somehow glanced over in the past. Continue reading

Five Ingredient Fajitas

Fajitas are tasty – everyone knows this. Sometimes I feel like cooks complicate things a little too much and as a result it intimidates people who are trying new recipes. I believe everyone deserves to eat homemade fajitas, so here is a five ingredient recipe for fajitas with only a few steps. Continue reading

Moma’s Cherry Pork Breakfast Sausage

Just in case you’ve ever wondered where I get my culinary inclinations from, this recipe should suffice as an answer. Our guest writer this week is none other than my mother, Carol Chapman-Allen, who made an amazing breakfast for me and my husband on my last trip to Texas and willingly obliged when I asked her to write up the sausage recipe. Enjoy y’all… Continue reading

Bacon and Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

I love nearly all veggies equally, but my husband was NOT a vegetable enthusiast before we started our Whole30. He told me he “hates” Brussels sprouts and yet he ate all of the half-plate serving of these I gave him to go along with his steak. He even finished the steak last! Continue reading