Crockpot Green Curry Chicken

I go absolutely nuts for curries and you should know by now that I really enjoy the simplicity of crockpot meals (especially since I’m out of the house from at least 7am to 5pm every day). Of course, the flavors in this dish are rich and saturated. Continue reading


One-Pan Balsamic Chicken

If you’re looking for a super flavorful protein with a pop of some savory veggies without a lot of work, read on! With only a few ingredients and one pan, you can feel like a kitchen whiz by impressing everyone at the table (or just hoard a few days’ worth of leftovers for yourself). Continue reading

Turkey and Eggplant Middle Eastern Crockpot Chili

This quick and easy Middle-Eastern inspired chili was one of those rare miracles where I had ingredients I needed to use in the fridge/freezer and somehow it just came together beautifully with the use of some clever spicing. I call this dish a chili because it just feels like a chili when you spoon it out and eat it. It’s hearty, rich, tangy, flavorful, and spicy without being hot. Continue reading

Five Ingredient Fajitas

Fajitas are tasty – everyone knows this. Sometimes I feel like cooks complicate things a little too much and as a result it intimidates people who are trying new recipes. I believe everyone deserves to eat homemade fajitas, so here is a five ingredient recipe for fajitas with only a few steps. Continue reading

Chicken Stock Then Cubes

These easy cubes can be used to flavor vegetables, soups, gravies, and more. When you want to use these handy-dandy cubes,just mix two cubes with 1 cup boiling hot water to make 1 cup chicken broth – use 1/2 cup water for stock-like consistency. If you choose to defrost the cubes before a recipe, they will hold their shape fairly well, just like delicious chicken-flavored Jell-O. Continue reading