Peppered Baconnaise

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like and it is just as delicious as you imagined when your mouth filled with saliva upon reading “baconnaise”. I had a whole tasty mess of fat from my adventures in rendering my Prather Ranch Meat Company bacon haul from this weekend and inspiration struck me. I was out of mayo. I had bacon fat. I love black pepper. These undisputable facts miraculously coalesced in my mind instantaneously to form this Peppered Baconnaise. Continue reading


Rendering Fat from Bacon Ends

Bacon render is pretty much the best thing ever. Everyone knows this. So if you haven’t stumbled on the miracle that is cooking everything with it, color me surprised. Continue reading

Avocado Cream Sauce

I have wanted to try my hand at a cream sauce for a while now, and happened to have some avocados in my fridge that I hadn’t eaten with breakfast that week. It sounded good together, so I went for it and it worked beautifully. Continue reading

Horseradish Coconut Cream

Horseradish Coconut Cream

I love meat and I love sauces. I REALLY love horseradish with steak and other thick, medium-grilled red meats. After I used some “powdered sushi wasabi” (ingredients are just horseradish, spirulina, and turmeric) in a swordfish marinade the other day, I was struck by inspiration to make a compliant horseradish sauce for my meal tonight! Continue reading

Hearty One-Pan Meaty Marinara

Who likes meat sauce you can stand a spoon up in? What about a sauce with all sorts of extra veggies waiting to enhance the flavor? The answer to both questions, respectively, is ME and YES. If you want the thickest, most flavorful, savory and hearty meat sauce you’ve ever laid your mouth on, proceed and enjoy! Continue reading

Bourgeois Guacamole

My friends and family always ask me to do the guacamole honors when it’s homemade Mexican food time. Everyone who has tried this guacamole has loved it. Come to think of it, I only know a few people who don’t like guacamole at all, and I’m not sure if I trust them. Continue reading

Turmeric Ranch Dressing

This is a tangy and delicious twist on America’s favorite dip and dressing guaranteed to keep fresh in the fridge for about a week. Have fun putting it on EVERYTHING. Continue reading