Rendering Fat from Bacon Ends

Bacon render is pretty much the best thing ever. Everyone knows this. So if you haven’t stumbled on the miracle that is cooking everything with it, color me surprised. Continue reading


Chicken Stock Then Cubes

These easy cubes can be used to flavor vegetables, soups, gravies, and more. When you want to use these handy-dandy cubes,just mix two cubes with 1 cup boiling hot water to make 1 cup chicken broth – use 1/2 cup water for stock-like consistency. If you choose to defrost the cubes before a recipe, they will hold their shape fairly well, just like delicious chicken-flavored Jell-O. Continue reading

Go Coco-NUTS!

Well, pseudo-nuts anyway.

One paleo “cheat” I have found to be very helpful is the extreme diversity in coconut products that will effectively replace and erase some “no” items from your diet. If you’re a dairy enthusiast, I’m about to give you the keys to the coconut kingdom. Continue reading