Burger Bonanza!

Guys, I know it’s hard to eat out on Whole30. I can’t even imagine trying to do it with kids, my husband and friends are bad enough! But I’m here to help (finally) by rounding up a few of my favorite places to have at least a Whole30-ish meal. By that I mean the ingredients are “safe” and we arent going to trip about some preservatives or additives because we are humans and everyone needs to chill out sometimes. Since I’m rambling, I mean these restaurants have paleo offerings. Paleo. Continue reading


SpiceHound (Spices, Salts, and Blends)

One of my favorite vendors at Campbell Farmer’s Market is SpiceHound. This company sells the usual suspects in the world of spices as well as some interesting salts and blends. I really enjoy their selection and purity, and recently found out they are a Whole30 approved company since they don’t use any sugar or added preservatives. Win-win! Continue reading